It's the possibility of having a dream come true that makes life interesting- Paulo Coelho



Most of us have that one thing that we really want but we’re too afraid to pursue or that our circumstances and situation just currently aren’t right for.

Mine was my career and more specifically, a particularly special training program that would launch me into it.


I was a year out of University, unhappy, directionless and pained by the lack of contribution I was making to the world.

Graduating had been such an exciting experience. I knew that there was so much more possibility and experience to be had outside of the confines of a Nottingham library. However, a year later I found myself slowly slipping into the grips of depression. I had a job, I'd been to Peru and I'd taken up adult figure skating. Sounds great, right? It's not that I was ungrateful, it's just that I knew there was something missing and I realised that I had started living a life that didn't align with who I really was.

I became miserable and lost. 

Later that year, I decided to take up the offer of a coaching session from a lady I'd been following on social media for a while. In that one session, I began to feel re-connected to myself and what I really wanted. 

In the following months, I learned to allow myself permission to pursue what I want, separate from what my parents or anyone else thought I should want. Through this experience, I began to reveal parts of myself I'd kept hidden for so long. I began to change and take action. I quit my job at a lawyer's firm and started helping children in schools.

I began to feel more like myself and that I was making the kind of difference that I wanted to make in my job. Life was light, exciting and moving again.

It wasn't long before I became so intrigued by the work that I wanted to learn more about it.  

My coach supported my desire to learn and it was at this point that I began to undertake a journey that I had once never thought possible. 

This journey caused me to travel across to New York, once per month, from the UK, for training with one of the few and very best ICF coach training programs out there. 

It was a daunting, challenging and sometimes, messy but liberating experience.

I discovered the greatness of human potential, that most of what you want comes through breaking out of the boxes in which you think you 'should' live and that almost anything is possible with a strong personal commitment to your endeavour and high levels of emotional support. 

This is what I wanted to do. I wanted to bring these possibilities into the lives of more people. Coaching became my life's path. 

Today, I am in my sixth year of coaching and have worked with clients from across the world whilst I travel with this wonderful job that I love. I received my ACTP* training in New York from Accomplishment Coaching (considered the 'World's Finest Coach Training Program') in 2013-14 and now, I specialise in working with ambitious dreamers who desire accountability and a sense of direction. I help them to realise their true capabilities, live more daring, adventurous lives and create purpose-led careers they're passionate about. 


If you want to listen to an interview I did recently about why I became a life coach amongst other things, have a listen below: