What people are saying about their time working with me...

Rachael is everything I look for in a coach- highly perceptive, professional and unafraid to ask those challenging questions. She has allowed me to create attainable goals for myself, and pushed me to hold myself accountable to them. I’m always amazed at how positive and energised I feel after our conversations. Can’t recommend her highly enough.
— Rebecca Trevalyan, London www.libraryofthings.co.uk
I attended coaching sessions with Rachael for a period earlier this year. In this time, the exercises in personal development helped me strengthen my convictions and gave me some useful insights into how to move forward constructively. Rachael is a very perceptive coach whom I would commend for her dedication to her role and commitment to the individuality of the client.
— Lesley Beddows, Teacher, Greater Manchester, UK
Rachael is, perhaps, one of the most perceptive, insightful coaches that I’ve worked with. She is one of the softest places to land, an enormous stand for possibility, and one of the sweetest individuals. Hire her.
— Lisa Pachence, Philadelphia
Rachael is a brilliant, kind, insightful coach. I had the pleasure of both training and working with her for over the last 2 years. She sees the most amazing things in others. She has a unique ability to hold a safe, warm space for clients to be open and vulnerable and yet brings a powerful punch of wisdom and insight that truly opens you up to new possibilities and your own greatness in a way you have not before. I highly recommend Rachael, especially for young women looking to step fully into their power and create full adventurous lives for themselves.
— Heather Keenly, Washington DC

“Rachael is enormously gifted. She has a deep commitment to her clients. If you are looking to make big changes in your life, Rachael is the coach for you. As a colleague, a life full of possibilities has opened up for me.”

— Diane Whitehouse, Boston

I have been fortunate enough to meet Rachael a year after making a major lifestyle change and her enthusiasm and insightful questioning has helped me stay on my path and take a renewed look at the obstacles and more importantly the possibilities that my future holds. Following my latest session, I awoke this morning excited for what is ahead. Thank you Rachael.
— Steven Lawrence, London
I owe so much of reaching a place of creative contentment to you, Rachael. You helped me open doors I never knew existed, and help me realise what I could and should be doing. And, I thank you for that
— William Travis, Musician, New York
I’m so grateful to have worked with Rachael as my coach. I doubled my revenue in just 3 months. She listens intently and challenges you to reach for more. The sessions are positive, fun and progressive. I highly recommend her as a coach.
— Michelle Tascoe, Life Coach, California

Thanks to my sessions with Rachael, I stopped living my life from a place of doubt and started to approach every day from possibility. Rachael's guidance allowed me to discover what I could truly do when I stopped standing in my own way. The best part about working with Rachael is that she encouraged me to face tough questions about myself without ever dictating what the answers should be. She patiently waited and guided when necessary while I slowly came to understand what I was really capable of and meant to do. After six months of working with Rachael, I left a job that made me unhappy to start my own business. This comes with great risk and fear but has already shown me great rewards. Three cheers to that! -Sabrina Medora, Food Writer, Chicago www.sabrinamedora.com

I’ve been partaking in weekly life coaching sessions with Rachael for a few months now and I find the relationship to be empowering and motivating. I’ve learned so much about changing perspective and looking a things through a fresh lens. We often get stuck in the cyclical stories we tell ourselves and this is our ego protecting us from the fear of growth and moving forward. Life coaching is key to overcoming those stories, to re-framing them and generating something NEW. I would definitely recommend life coaching to anyone who is looking for direction, a way of creating what you want for yourself. The key word being creating. Life coaching shows me again and again that everything is a choice, my choice. I can absolutely create what I want. And so can you.
— Heather Bartlett, Buffalo, New York
Rachael is a shining light. She brings so much support and courage to the lives she touches.
— Nelson Chaves, Toronto
Rachael is a kind, enthusiastic and truly committed coach. From our first conversation she created a safe space that made me feel comfortable instantly and that made it easier for me to open up and speak from the heart. She is an excellent listener who knows when to ask the tough questions. Working with her has been life-changing. Our sessions helped me understand myself better, opened my mind to new concept and ideas, and as a result I gained a new perspective on life in general. I feel energised and excited for what is to come. Thanks so much Rachael!
— Camille Medina, Illustrator
When Rachael offered a free initial coaching session, I was at the most miserable point I had been in my work in the past nine years. I could not see myself successfully making it through another year as bad as the past one had been with my sanity intact.

Through our work together, Rachael and I came up with a variety of new possibilities for me, and as I moved forward with her coaching me, I took a new job opportunity that I may not have ever known about nor been brave enough to pursue had I not been working with Rachael.

My husband just said to me tonight that it seems like the new job I have is more life-giving. That’s exactly what it’s like. I no longer feel spent all the time. An evening or a weekend is enough recovery time for me to go back to work; I no longer dread my life Sunday evening as I start to feel Monday approaching. This new job has provided me with growth opportunities that are genuinely exciting. Yes, challenges still feel challenging, but I’m not overwhelmed. I have found the intersection of what I am passionate about and what I am curious about.

Coaching with Rachael is a business partnership but it also feels like time with a friend, an opportunity to be honest about both struggles and successes with someone who listens while caring without judging. I have learned so much about what inner hangups I have and what disturbs the sense of my own value and self-worth. And in the process, I’ve developed an inner sense of what my value is and learned how to really take control of the direction of my life.

I feel less at risk of harm from what other people say or believe about me. I am empowered to leave toxic environments and to build more healthy environments for myself. I do not settle; I decide what I want and start working in that direction.

Another wonderful aspect of coaching is that the growth I do in one area often helps me somewhere else. Working with Rachael has not only helped me gain a better future for my career but also more peace and improved personal relationships. I feel excited for the infinite possibilities a more peaceful and empowered future I can create for myself.

— B. Vastbinder, Indiana
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Working with Rachael as my life coach has been nothing short of extraordinary. She has equipped me with a mental awareness and mindset that says, “Nothing is impossible”. Prior to working with Rachael I had so many unfulfilled goals and dreams. Now I live my dreams every day!

Thank you Rachael

— Cedrick, Vice Principal, M.Ed.
I vouch for this woman, she is a great coach who gets you to take action from your heart. Work with her, you won’t regret it
— Madison Reyes, New York

"I have to say a huge thank you to Rachael for helping me find my spark again. After having read her blog, I completely related to a situation she had been in. I was unmotivated by my job and felt completely lost with what my purpose in life was. However, within my very first session, Rachael helped me realise what I truly wanted to achieve in life- something I have never honestly considered before. With the help of the following sessions, I have taken a completely new course of action in life which has changed it for the better. I have never felt more confident and happy. I encourage anyone who is feeling lost and confused to get in touch with Rachael as it may be the first step to an exciting new adventure." 

               -Darshi Gnanakumar, London

Rachael is an open, enthusiastic and most of all, dedicated coach. Dedicated to the work she’s here to do, and dedicated to her clients. She gives space, but made sure that, as a client, I did the things I needed to do to create heaps of progress. Work with Rachael to generate insight and have massive breakthroughs in life! Take the leap, she won’t let you down.
— Lisette Van Der Valk, Netherlands www.lisettevandervalk.com
Although I came into coaching being quite sceptical, it was really pleasant to find that you have a great gift and talent for understanding others. You not only get to the root of my issues quickly but I’m constantly reminded that everything is just ok. In essence, your coaching has given me that WOW factor that I never thought I’d have.
— Pamela Masters, London
Rachael is a powerhouse of energy and insight. A huge sense of adventure, Rachael travels the globe doing coaching work being of service to the profession and making an impact for clients.
— Thom Pulliam, Los Angeles