There's a difference between giving up and letting go. It's valuable to be aware because when the going gets tough, logic will want you to choose between the black and white categories of 'keep calm and carry on' or 'give up and go home'. 

A third option, however, is often overlooked. It's the grey area of overlap and possibility that dictates not so much 'what we do' but 'how we do it'. 

Letting go. 

Letting go operates from the context of 'how'. Giving up operates from the context of 'what'. 

There's many a time when I'm blocked in the pursuit of my dreams: 'It's too hard', 'I can't do it', 'there isn't any time or money or resources or people or....'


I can't continue.

Why do I keep doing this to myself? Why don't I just...STOP? 

Stop what? What I'm doing or the way I'm doing it? 

Give up or let go?

In the words of Shakespeare, 'that is the question'. 

Giving up is stopping, blocking and halting in the pursuit of your endeavour. Giving up holds you in, restricts your energy and exhausts your effort. From giving up, painful attachment and heavy expectation live on in the ethers of your being. 

Letting go is allowing. Letting go is fluidity and detachment from story and circumstance. Letting go reaches out, not in. Letting go is faith and surrender. Letting go is alignment of action with intent. Letting go is freedom to choose your path. 

With traditional connotation, giving up means dreams are gone. Letting go means dreams are won. 

Give up or let go. Which will you choose?