3 life-changing things I learned about motivation (from Daniel Pink)


1. Extrinsic motivators (reward and consequence schemes) work well for short term, simple goals that require mechanical type action.

For example, financial bonuses for extra work or if you’re a kid, no pudding if you don’t eat your dinner.

2. Intrinsic motivators are needed for long term goals that require creative problem solving.

At this point, extrinsic motivators (rewards and consequences) can actually negatively impact successful achievement!!!!

One reason being that it narrows thinking and therefore, creativity.

How many of you have tried to implement external rewards or consequences for a complex long term goal, only to find it actually hinders progress?

3. Some of the greatest intrinsic motivators include autonomy, purpose and mastery.

Autonomy being the desire to direct our own lives. Purpose being the desire to work towards something greater than ourselves. And mastery being the desire to get better at something and learn.

When the going gets tough, these are the 3 motivators I always come back to remembering or creating in some form or another.


I think these 3 points I learned from Daniel Pink speak volumes about how we operate and how we could operate personally and professionally so I couldn’t help but share. If you want to learn more about motivation, check out his work. He has a great Ted talk on the topic.

Or if you’re interested in being coached, held accountable to achieving what you want and creating any of the above (I love helping people with life/career purpose, independence and personal growth), send me a message to book your consultation by clicking here.