February Client Feature: Cedrick Cunningham


I feel privileged to introduce you to Cedrick Cunningham, M.Ed. for this month’s client feature. As a vivacious school vice principal with a playful attitude and joyous outlook on life, I can only imagine the difference he makes in the lives of the students he works with. When we started working together in 2017, I saw him take inspiration from the positive impact his own Grandmother had on his own education and turn it into a non-profit organization to make a difference through career and educational opportunities in the lives of many disadvantaged yet deserving students.

My hope is that this short interview will inspire you too:

What’s the name of your company?

 The Grandma Bea foundation

 Why do you do it?

 I came from a humble background that consisted of an absentee father, a mother who worked multiple jobs to provide, and a grandmother who sent me $25 per month for food and supplies while going to college. I established the foundation to create career and educational opportunities for the next generation of leaders who faced challenges similar.

 What were the biggest challenges you faced on the journey to where you are today?

 Removing self-doubt, refusing to give up on my dream, and selling myself short.

How did you overcome them?

I believe the key to overcoming was continually erasing the self-doubt, finding individuals that believed in me and my dreams, and a willingness to constantly challenge myself to reach for greater goals than before.

 At what point in this journey did my support come into play?

 The support from my life coach came in at the beginning of me establishing the non-profit organization.  Prior to working with my life coach; establishing and leading a non-profit organization was only a dream.

 Looking back, what was the biggest thing you got from working with me?

There are numerous things that I could praise my life coach for; however, probably the biggest thing I got from my coach was to dream big and to expect greatness.  Also, the importance of living and working in my essence (from the most authentic and empowered version of myself).  

What’s the thing you most value in your life at this point?

 Working with my life coach has been nothing short of a life transformation. I now wake up and approach every day from a victorious vantage point. I dictate and determine what my day will be like and how I expect success every single day.

 What are your goals moving forward?

 My goals moving forward are to double the foundations financial giving and establish a mentoring component to the foundation. 

 What would you advise someone who wants to go after their dream career?

 Set goals, stay focused, dream big, and live in your essence!

 If you want to find out more about Cedrick’s work or make a donation to his foundation, head on over to the organization’s twitter feed linked to here.

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