Don't think you're good enough? Stop trying to fix that and do this instead.

The belief that you’re not “good enough” can’t be changed by telling yourself that you are.

Not good enough” is one of the most universal blocks I’ve come across in myself and my clients. It’s also one that stops and inhibits us in ways we’re often not even aware of.

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Yet, when we suddenly realize it’s the biggest thing in our way, we automatically try to fix the belief by repeating popular affirmations that directly oppose it:

“I am worthy enough, confident enough.” or “I am good and smart enough for what lies ahead.”

Problem is….

What is enough?

Is it perfection? Is it being better than everyone else at something? Is it if you made more money? Or were a certain weight?

Even if you hit those goals, how can you know those achievements make you enough? I know plenty of people who have what someone else wants but neither believe they’re “enough”.

Enough is rather indefinable.

And telling yourself that you ARE good enough supports the notion that there is a parameter for that.

Not only that, but it arises from the belief that YOU’RE NOT good enough.

Enough is just what we all naturally are.

Fear that you’re not, likely arises from a fear of looking foolish or making a mistake as you endeavour.

Try focusing on your relationship to that instead.

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