How I dare break this rule causing unnecessary suffering


I don’t completely dispute this photo quote. Some of the best views and feelings I’ve experienced have come after some challenge I’ve faced. However, sometimes I worry. I often find that a lot of people believe that a worthy goal deserves a level of suffering and struggle for its successful achievement.

And that’s not to invalidate the hope such an image provides for those going through a time of suffering currently. If you are, "the view" will be incredible on the other side and don’t let Mr or Mrs. or (insert favoured pre-fix here) cynical pants tell you otherwise!

However, as a recovering addict of the “I must suffer and struggle to achieve anything worthwhile” myself, I want to shed light on the idea that there is another way for those setting themselves goals moving forward.

 I imagine it’s like the working hard vs. working smarter debate. As Sadh guru states, it is not working hard that will bring results but what to do at the appropriate time that matters.

I also imagine it’s similar to the “One must take care of oneself first before one can take care of others” memo.

However, what I really trust in is the belief that we are powerful enough to choose our own attitude and therefore, experience of life. “I must suffer and struggle to achieve anything worthwhile” was just an arbitrary rule we made up and came to believe in. Just because others play into this belief making it all the more “real” doesn’t mean that we have to. We have the power to create our own set of rules.

What will yours be?