The importance of life purpose and a new way to view it.

Life Purpose” can sound kind of woo-woo. It could have religious connotations. It could denote personal sacrifice for a grander cause. For some, it sounds like something you realize once you become ‘enlightened.’ And for many, it seems as though to have a ‘purpose’ in life is like deciding you’re about to become the next Mother Teresa.

Though nothing wrong if the above resonates more than what I’m about to say BUT what if having a “life purpose” were actually none of these things? What if life purpose were really just about an inspirational philosophy or mindset you decide to live your life by? And that philosophy just became your message to the world?


This is how I’ve come to view my life purpose and here are the 3 biggest reasons why I believe in its importance: 

1. Purpose can add meaning and a level of personal fulfilment to your life.

2. Having purpose is a guiding philosophy that can help tailor the choices you make and paths you choose in life.

(I love this topic for the indecision that comes with the quarter life crisis and the millennial generation).

3. Choosing to live your life with purpose can be a catalyst for personal growth. It challenges you at every move to live bigger, bolder and at ever increasing levels of integrity with it.

When I first defined my purpose as with the definition I gave above, I decided that my purpose would be one of ADVENTURE. And many I’ve met on my path have purposes such as LOVE, COMMUNITY or PLAY.

This way, life purpose is less something to do and more something to be.

What could your purpose be?