Reflecting on the progress in my career over the last 6 years

This past week, I flew back home to the UK after spending the last 12 months in Toronto, Canada. I’ve had an amazing week-long holiday reconnecting with family and friends; seeing my cousin’s horses; going back to the ice rink I used to skate and hiking around the moor and woodlands behind my family home.


I used to dread going back to work after such a great time away. But what’s really hit me the past few days is literally just how happy and excited I am to be back seeing my clients again.

Six years ago, I was in a job that felt so unfulfilling and I didn’t even feel as though I had a different direction to head in. Yet today, I have to pinch myself a little when I think that I’ve managed to create and grow a business doing something I love, supporting others to do the same and that allows the freedom to work from almost wherever I choose.

It blows my mind to think that just over a week ago, I was running my business from Toronto, Canada and this week, I got to fly home early for Christmas so I can see those I love whilst I continue to run it from my hometown in England. A sense of freedom and adventure have always been things I’ve shot for and whilst I feel lucky to have created this, it’s also taken a lot of work and personal challenge to achieve it. This is what I’m proud of and serves as great reminder for all that is possible moving forward.

One often can’t see the majestic mountain range they’ve surpassed for the valleys and hills that surround them. Yet taking a step back this week, I’m able to see the masses of progress I often forget to acknowledge during the challenge of my current goals.

Look back to see how far you’ve already come. Look forward knowing that more progress is possible. Continue to face those challenges that arise and one small step after the other, you’ll soon have ascended the whole mountain. And then if you so choose, onto the next.