December Client Feature: Sabrina Medora at Un-Plated

I’m so proud of this woman.


I met Sabrina back in 2016 when we worked together. As an intelligent, driven and courageous entrepreneur, I saw her quit a job she hated and start her own business by melding her two passions for food and writing. Recently, she started a new venture called “Un-Plated” where she shares the stories of the unsung heroes and warriors of the restaurant industry. 

Through a short interview, my intention is to share some of her goals, success and advice. And she's the first of this new blog feature I want to continue moving forward with the stories of more of those I've worked with. My intention is that these short interviews will serve as inspiration for you to go after your career dreams too:

The name of your company?


Age: 28

Why do you do what you do?

It makes me happy.

What were the biggest challenges you faced on the journey to where you are today?

I face challenges every day. Self-doubt. Not knowing how to tackle something from a digital or financial perspective. Monetizing the business.

How did you overcome them?

Try to be patient with myself, make friends with experts, and learn on the go.

At what point in the journey did my support/coaching come into play?

At the very beginning before I had even thought that entrepreneurship would be the right path for me.

Looking back, what was the biggest thing you got from our work together?

The courage to do it.

What’s the thing you most value in your life at this point?

Life’s little joys. My family.

What are your goals moving forward?

To monetize my business to the point of extreme comfort and to be considered one of the most important voices in the industry.

(Side note: She’s already been featured as one of the top “10 of the city’s influential food stars” by Chicago Woman magazine.)

What’s one thing you’ve taken from your journey so far that you believe will help you achieve what’s next?

The fact that I’ve overcome challenges before so I can do it again.

What’s one piece of advice you would give someone who wants to pursue their dream career too?

My biggest piece of advice.... Stay the course. Remember why you decided to pursue this career in the first place and keep coming back to it in moments of doubt. Also, remember, there are more DOWNS than there are UPS when you're running your own business. Don't let the emotions overwhelm you. 

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