How to navigate a big transition in your life with Gabrielle Hartley

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When going through a tough experience or big transition in your life, how do you navigate the chaos and reach the other side better than you were before?

My friend, Gabrielle Hartley wrote an amazing book, Better Apart: the radically positive way to separate. It combines legal wisdom with many “potent accessible tools” (as described by Gwyneth Paltrow) to help you change your experience and your future when going through a challenging experience such as divorce.

As a child of divorced parents myself, I’m so glad to be speaking with Gabrielle about her book and even more excited to share how accessible these tools are for anyone in life.

Gabrielle’s 5 tools are:






Each of these tools is designed to help you create a new pathway during a break-up (for my readers context, perhaps from an old job) and in life.

Have a listen to the first audio interview I’ve ever done (eek!) to learn more:

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Click here to head over to Gabrielle’s website and learn more about her services and her book!