Want to start a career you love? 3 BS beliefs to drop this Spring.

What better time than the fresh, renewal of spring to take a leap into something new and get that metaphorical duster out on your old BS beliefs that you’ve been hibernating behind all winter?


Back in the winter of my own career, I was miserable at a desk job setting myself up for a career in law. As a recent BA. (Hons.) graduate, it was my first job after University. From the outside, it seemed as though I was in the perfect place in life. On the inside, however, I was screaming for something more.

More passion. More purpose and more challenge for my potential.

Yet, I was so afraid.

I was afraid of how hard a transition into something completely new could be, how it would drain my finances and whether I would even be able to do it.

But staying in that career was more painful than the risk my fears presented.

So, I leapt.

This was the turning point that catapulted me into the amazing career I have today.

Here are 3 beliefs I learned were BS along the journey:

  1. It will cost too much

    What IS the price of a job you love? A career transition may cost money but the question should be less, “Can I afford it?” and more, “Is it worth it?” 

    Having a job I love is a key part of my mental health. So, when I left this career in law, I had no other job lined up to go to. I just knew the cost of relying on my savings for a month or two was worth the resulting happiness. 

    2. I’m not good enough

    This is as insidious belief as it gets. It literally causes you to act in ways that aren’t going to get you to where you want to be, only making the belief that “I’m not good enough” seem more valid. 

    At the start of my transition into being a life coach, the belief that I wasn’t “good enough yet” stopped me from offering my services until I was better. Only problem was that getting better required practice and I couldn’t practice until I offered my services. 

    Every job requires you to grow into it. And the only way we can grow is through practice, failing and learning from our mistakes. 

    Rather than asking yourself whether you think you’re “good enough”, try addressing your fears about making mistakes instead. 

    3. I don’t have the time

    Seriously? You don’t have the time to create the life you deserve? 

    The issue of time is usually just another surface issue indicating underlying fears.

    If you believed you were good enough, wouldn’t you focus your energy on what you really want? And if a career you love were worth it to you, wouldn’t you prioritize it? 

    With the previous two BS beliefs out of the way, you’ll begin to realize that time does not own you. Creating time is about energy and focus. And you have the ability to focus your energy to achieve what you want.

    The year I trained to become a coach, I had 4 jobs to help pay for my training but I still created time to complete assignments, pass exams and travel to New York from the UK for events once per month tackling jet lag every time. 

    Upon completion, I was pretty proud. And I’m sure you will be too.

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Rachael Redgate is the owner of http://rachaelredgate.com/, a coaching services company that empowers individuals to achieve a life and career of their dreams. As a coach and personal development enthusiast, Rachael works with individuals to become the most powerful version of themselves, break through personal barriers and achieve their career dreams from the inside out. Rachael committed herself to flying from the UK to New York every month throughout 2014 to pursue her own career dreams and train with Accomplishment Coaching, dubbed the Harvard of coach training schools. She is as equally committed to helping you achieve yours.