I'm grateful for the cathartic experience of a tear cried: A gratitude poem

I’m grateful for the cathartic experience of a tear cried,

 heading to the ice rink, ready to glide

the morning sun shedding light on my bed,

and the exciting ideas that dance around my head.


For every present moment reminder such as these

 adding to the richness of life,

 slowing time with ease.


 My 91-year-old grandma,

inspiration she provides,

the warmth of her energy,

a place to confide.


The playground of challenge my work requires.

But most importantly, the personal development that transpires.


My education, my home, my family, my friends.

Moments of connection, support and banter in the end.


I’ve been doing a daily gratitude practice for just over a year now. I don’t usually make it rhyme but I had some fun with this today! I like to connect to the small nuances and beauty of life that remind me to experience it as the gift that it is. This contributes to my well-being, eudemonic happiness and helps one to look at life through the lens of abundance. As they say, tangible abundance was never created from a scarcity mind-set.

Happy Thanksgiving to all my American friends. Although, I live in the UK I wanted to commemorate this great occasion by sharing my own daily practice.

What are you grateful for?