What creating freedom as an adult really means and how your responsibilities play a role

Is responsibility truly the price of freedom? 

Responsibility isn't going to 'nail you to a wall' (metaphorically speaking) because responsibility is a choice. 

Running away isn't going to make you feel free because freedom is a state of mind. 


freedom is a state of mind.jpg


(Unless you're literally 'nailed to a wall', then escaping will liberate). 

One of the ostensible paradoxes about becoming an adult is that with one's freedom to finally make choices for oneself, one also often gains responsibilities. For a lot of emerging adults, recent graduates and people in their twenties, like myself, responsibilities first begin to show up. A job, career, clients, spouse, maybe even children. 

And any one of those things could terrify the "tough" from any one of us. 

And that's the thing. When responsibility becomes tough, it would be easy to think you'd like to drop it all and run away, all in benefit for a sense of freedom. 

Responsibility Vs. Freedom. We often put these in opposition. 

Let's re-create this game.  

Reality check: Responsibility doesn't mean you have no freedom. Responsibility, in fact, is a likely indicator of your access to it. Toughness is just a part of the road. Any road for that matter. And running away (even down a different one) implies entrapment.

And if freedom is a state of mind, entrapment is too.   


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