My Entrepreneurship (Life) Lessons of 2018

“Breathe, it’s going to be okay” I would ephemerally tell myself in the numerous moments of “What if this doesn’t work out?” throughout the last 12 months.

This past year has been one of my favourites, most successful and rewarding so far. It’s also been one of the most nerve-wracking.

Becoming an entrepreneur is like letting go of that last illusion of guarantee and committing yourself entirely to a new and evermore real relationship with the unknown.


So when brainstorming ways to reflect on 2018, it occurred that this is the area of life I’ve probably learnt the most from. Here are 4 of my lessons from 2018:

  1. Act as if it were going to happen

Fear can stop you from going after what you truly desire and make you believe your odds of success are so small you don’t even try. Imagine if you knew that what you desire were going to happen and all you had to do was take action. What action would you take? Now, do that.

2. Boundaries, boundaries, boundaries

Being in a helping profession, I can sometimes feel conflict around enforcing strict professional boundaries without it feeling too rigid or uncaring to my clients. Similar conflict to what many of us have around our well-being needs in our personal lives. What I’ve more fully and authentically embodied this year, however, is that boundaries are in service of both parties. For when we’re making sure our own needs are met, we can better meet the needs of others too.

3. Notice where your upper limit is

An upper limit problem is when we reach a level of success we’ve never experienced before and start to unconsciously do things that sabotage that success. Unconsciously, we want to drop back to an older, more familiar place in which we can feel more in control.

You’ve just had a huge win in your life and you start a fight, you overspend, over-eat, get sick etc.

Pay special attention to your thoughts and behaviour when success starts to come your way.

 I hit an upper limit of mine this year. My response was to freeze all action. Once I noticed this behaviour, I could address the thoughts and limiting beliefs I had around my success.

4. The struggle is NOT real

“The struggle is real” has become a slightly annoying popular term characteristically used by me and many of my fellow millennials. However, as per the phrase, “First world Problems”, this year my relationship to this term has become, “struggle is a choice”. Things do happen in life, business, relationships etc but it’s how we respond to what happens that makes all the difference. If you believe life is a struggle, then it will be. If you believe it’s an adventure instead, well guess what…. :)

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