Goal Setting 101 (Online Workshop)

“A goal properly set is halfway reached.”

Zig Ziglar

Set goals for this New Year that are achievable and aligned with what you really, really want. So often, many of us set goals we think we should because everyone else has or we make them so big that we don’t follow through or in some cases, we don’t set them at all and wonder why we haven’t achieved what we thought we would by the end of the year.

In this workshop, you’ll:

workshop canva image.png
  1. Quickly and effectively clear out 2018 so you can start 2019 in an energised state

  2. Start shifting any negative beliefs you have about your ability to achieve your goals

  3. Gain a deeper understanding of how and why we sabotage our goals

  4. Create goals that are truly aligned with what you want

  5. Design a milestones and action plan that will make those goals a reality

Date: TBD

As a life and leadership coach for the past 6 years, helping others achieve their big goals and dreams has become my every day game. And that success always starts with an achievable, well-aligned goal.

If you truly want to make your 2019 dreams a reality, comment “yes” below or send me a message here and put “workshop” in the message section.

2019 here we come.