Life balance? A myth I want to bust

Hey there,

It’s been a tougher than usual couple of weeks in this big venture called life over here. And it’s got me thinking…

So many of us live our lives in effort to avoid 'breakdown’. To maintain a state of life balance at all times. Sometimes, at all costs.


I realize that is exactly what I’ve been doing recently. And in avoidance of a breakdown within a particular area of my life, everything has felt hard and rife with anxiety. Not the best feeling. And once I was in the breakdown, I avoided acknowledging or declaring it as so. I was beating myself up for being there. Not the best feeling either.

This week, I got on a client call and our conversation reminded me of something a trainer once taught me:

“Life balance is a myth” he’d said.

“Imbalance is needed to grow and move forward.”

Wow, I thought. I've been so busy trying to manage things so they stay just the way they are, that I was blocking myself off from moving forward at all. 

Instead of being resistant to life and passively yet fearfully experiencing its natural undulations, I remembered that I was here to intentionally create them. 

For if we’re resistant to the breakdown, we’re also resisting the breakthrough I remembered.  

Tell me: How many places in life are we operating in an effort to avoid something?

What if we were to open ourselves up to the potential of it all “going wrong”?

And what if when we get to that place, we were able to let it be a sign of growth and forward momentum instead of the usual trick of beating ourselves up for how it’s gone?

What if we were to look for the opportunity of a breakthrough? 

Complete paradigm shift. 

With love and forever in my thoughts,