It's international coaching week and I have a special offer for you!

Happy International Coaching week people!

So the International coach federation is an organization that provides accreditation to coaches and coach training programs worldwide. The organization is important to me, well because I’m a coach and it accredits the training program I went through.

But also, because it sets a standard for an industry that is as yet, unregulated. Believe it or not, literally anyone out there could decide to call themselves a coach and start charging for their services today.

And whilst there are some great coaches out there without ICF training, there are also some out there who either give the industry a bad rep. with skills that have been poorly trained if trained at all OR they’re providing a service which isn’t coaching at all!

So the ICF (International Coach Federation) dubbed May 7th to May 13th, the week to celebrate what coaching is. 

Click here for a link to their website. 

And in honour of that celebration, I’m offering 2 free coaching sessions to one ambitious person whose goal it is to make a difference and support their communities also.

Why this type of person? I'd love for this to all be about 'paying it forward'. 

If you’d like to apply for this awesome offer (that I don’t offer anywhere else), please message me with the words “Happy coaching” and I’ll send you a short application!


And for those who have never heard of coaching before, here is a quick review of what coaching is and is not:

1. Coaching is not therapy

 Traditional therapy deals with healing emotional pain and is focused primarily on one’s history. A client is often referred to as a patient who needs to be ‘fixed’.

2. Coaching is not a consultancy

Consultancy is provided for those looking for expert advice. Consultants identify problems and provide solutions.

3. Coaching is different from therapy in that is focused on a person’s future and achieving specific goals in one’s professional or personal life. Whilst space if provided for emotion (we’re all human), the coaching relationship is a partnership focused on creating self-initiated change through the development of insight, action, accountability and follow-through. Clients are related to as if they are completely capable.

Whilst a coach may offer suggestions, it is different from consultancy as the assumption in coaching is that the client is also capable of creating their own solutions whilst the coach provides a supportive and discovery based framework.

In my own words, if you’re up to big things and require all the best parts of you to show up, coaching is likely the thing for you!

What clients say: 

“Working with Rachael as my life coach has been nothing short of extraordinary. She has equipped me with a mental awareness and mindset that says, “Nothing is impossible”. Prior to working with Rachael I had so many unfulfilled goals and dreams. Now I live my dreams every day!"

Thank you Rachael

— Cedrick, Vice Principal, M.Ed.

“I owe so much of reaching a place of creative contentment to you, Rachael. You helped me open doors I never knew existed, and help me realise what I could and should be doing. And, I thank you for that”

— William Travis, Musician, New York

“I’m so grateful to have worked with Rachael as my coach. I doubled my revenue in just 3 months. She listens intently and challenges you to reach for more. The sessions are positive, fun and progressive. I highly recommend her as a coach.”

— Michelle Tascoe, Life Coach, California