Just be you.

Just be you. 

"But I don't even know who that is? " I used to exclaim as I held onto this crazy idea that everybody else knew who I really was or that they really were, but I didn't. 

Just be the best version of you. 

"Wait a minute, what? How do I do that?" 

Over the years, however, I've come to believe that the problem was that I was looking for the answer to this question outside of myself. I was trying to be what other people wanted me to be. When being the best version of who you really are isn't about what other people think you should be or what society tells you to be. 

Your best self is a choice you make from the inside. 

And a choice of how you want to be about your life in every moment. 

Do I want to make my decisions based on hate or love?

For I believe we all have the capacity to love. 

Future possibilities or past disappointments?

For I believe we all have the capacity to create new futures. 

Being a victim of life or a responsible creator of it?

For we're all that powerful. 

Being yourself or the best version of yourself isn't an image we project.

 It starts on the inside, not the outside.