June Client Feature: Danny Clifton

This is Danny.

We met in February 2018 when we started working together.


 Danny is a professional actor hailing from Oxford. He’s an agent helping other actors in the industry too. And inspired by the work we did together, has since also become a life coach himself.

But being an actor and a coach doesn’t tell the real story behind who he is.

 Danny is creativity, peace, authenticity, warmth and joy.

 He is passionate about what he does and committed to growing himself to create a life of freedom and potential.

We enjoy talking meta and why he does what he does in this short audio interview:

(Note: Some technical issues may affect the flow in parts of this recording).

For more or to book a session with Danny, catch him at:

Instagram: danielcliftoncoaching

Email: dannyrclifton@gmail.com

Website: https://danielclifton.life/