Transforming fear into faith: A "how to" guide for an adventurous life

One month ago, I moved to Canada. I moved for the adventure, for a new experience, for growth and new-found independence. I find that life is at its best when we're learning and growing, so what better way to do that than to move to a new country?

Right now, I'm sat in the terminal of Billy Bishop airport, Toronto waiting to fly to New York. 

This is the view: 


Though that's not why I'm writing this post.

The pursuit of growth and learning, especially via big leaps like moving to a new country, isn't all fun, travel and amazing views. It can be scary, painful and anxiety-ridden. That's the nature of growing pains. There are so many unknowns. I wrote a post about this back in December (just here, click to read) and now, with fresh perspective, here's a deeper dive. 

When faced with the unknown and my own ambition of what I want to create in its space, doubt and fear creep in from every corner. Will I be able to create enough of an income in order to stay here? Will I find a place to live? Will I make friends? Will I fail and have to go home? 

Sooner or later, my experience becomes heavy and I'm prone to try controlling, managing and predicting every moment. This leaves little room for presence and joy. I start to fear for my survival. It's a fear based reaction to my own ambition. Ironically, I become small, closed and trap myself in. 

Enter faith. 

I've never been the most spiritual of beings. I typically like Science and Predictability. As of late, however, I'm more and more drawn to this work and its benefits. I've begun to learn that being spiritual isn't just about setting your intentions and putting faith in the universe that all will be delivered. Faith takes action. Faith takes work. 

1. Be responsible for your fears

If you're not responsible for it, it will keep showing up. What you resist, persists. 

2. Acknowledge your fear

Fear shows up as resistance to what it is that you desire. Ask yourself: What am I afraid of? When you acknowledge it, without judgement, you open yourself up to solutions and new possibilities. (From a spiritual perspective, the universe conspires to assist you). 

3. Confront it

Be willing to choose to see it differently. Replace it with faith. You're no longer fighting the problem but finding the solution. 

4. Act on your faith

When guidance shows up, say yes to it. When an opportunity arises, say yes to it. When you're afraid to act, act anyway. 

This should all be in alignment with your desires. 

Action breeds courage and reinforces your faith. 

5. Wash, rinse, repeat

This isn't a one time show. Fear will leak back in. Know this and be ready. 


Today (on the publishing of this post), I'm in a good space. My faith is bigger than my fear. It feels all embracing, open and vulnerable. It feels like the adventure I set out to create. Failure may or may not show up in a big way. It will show up in little ways but I know that is so much better than never having tried at all. 

If you transformed your fears into faith, what would you do differently? Message me for a complimentary coaching session today.