Why a quarter life crisis is the gateway to your next greatest venture

You're driven to do something meaningful with your life. 

But perhaps, you're not so sure what that is yet? 

You're feeling pressure to figure out what you want to do. 

And there are A LOT of things you just don't feel ready for. 

Isn't there supposed to be a clearly defined path to adulthood? 

I know how you feel. 

It's miserable, lonely and one can be overwhelmingly trapped or lost. 

Some people call is a "quarter life crisis". Others say it's just a part of growing up. I call it the start of your biggest adventure...

A quarter life crisis #QLC is defined as a period of anxiety and uncertainty that accompanies the transition to adulthood. 

My #QLC felt just like the above. I had no career/life direction and felt fearfully stuck between that of being a child and stepping into what I thought an adult was supposed to be. Going through a #QLC is normal. 

However, it's also just a popular term for a down period typically experienced at this time of your life. Over-identify with it and stay stuck. View it differently, allow yourself to grow and it will pass. 

Luckily, I've actively engaged in a lot of growth and personal development the last few years. Here is what I've learned: 

1. Nurture your inner child 

Everyone has one. For a long time, I denied the needs of mine. In efforts to step into adulthood, it can be easy to start making your inner child wrong for showing up. This only exacerbates the perceived issue. The longer you deny, the louder these needs get. 

To transition successfully, one must listen to, acknowledge and nurture your inner child. 

2. Let go of what you think an adult is supposed to be

Embrace who you are separate from the images and messages you’ve been sent from society about who, what or how you should be.

3. Stop comparing yourself to others 

Your peers may seem like they have it all together but by comparing ourselves to others, we end up judging ourselves. Never ends well. 

Instead of comparing yourself to others, try re-directing that comparison to past and present self. Keep the comparison within. 

4. Keep calm and discover your zen 

It may sound counter-intuitive when you're desperately trying to figure out how to live the rest of your life but you have to take time to sit back and enjoy right NOW. Find an activity that allows you to relax and clear your mind. I enjoy walks in nature, playing the piano and figure skating. 

5. Figure out what you don't want

If you don't know want you want for your career (or anything, for that matter), figure out what you don't want. Choose a path. Even if it turns out to be the wrong one, it's better than making no choice at all. You'll learn something from it. You're finally moving forward. 

6. Envision your desired lifestyle

Dream. Often. Make a vision board. Write it out. What do you want out of life? Then, take action on it. 

7. Hire a coach and/or therapist

If you want help with any of the above, hire someone. If you want to start turning your life around, hire someone. 

I did. My coaching and therapy experiences have helped me further understand and nurture the needs I have, allowing me to step into the person I want to be. I stopped being undecided and stuck, not knowing what I want or how to get there. They've helped me get out of jobs I hated, find things I love doing and achieve things I previously thought were just a 'pipe dream'. Engaging with this work is one of the best decisions I've made. Now, I feel like my purpose is just to live life to the fullest, grow through every venture I undertake and help others do the same. 

In summary, a #QLC is normal but instead of viewing this time as a negative rut, view it as a time to learn and grow. That's where the adventure lies. 

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