I have a question

I love July. Not only is it the middle of summer, the month of my birthday and this year, my 6 month anniversary of having lived in Canada but it's also a time when I really like to kick back and get my creative juices flowing around how I'd like to move forward with the next year of life.

In celebration, next week I'll be taking a 3 day trip to a place on the sunshine coast, British Columbia. This trip will be about well-being, a break and relaxation but I'll also be spending some time mapping out a new project I'm pretty excited about. 

I'm working on creating a short term coaching package. However, I want to make sure I'll be creating something that will be of most use to YOU... 

So, I have a question:

If I could help you with 1 thing as a professional coach, what would you love for it to be?

1. Being more confident in yourself
2. Making more money
3. Starting your own entrepreneurial venture and passion project
4. Choosing and pursuing a career you love
5. Mind-set and performance enhancement in your career, sporting or creative activity

Comment below or send me a message. Your response means everything. Thank you!